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Wed Feb 3 14:31:08 CST 2021

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> You're absolutely correct, however the only thing Al contributes (for the purposes of this particular discussion) are complaints about how other people are doing it wrong.

I think Al has contributed enormously to the archival and preservation of our industry history, which is exactly why I pretty much always want to hear more from him on anything related—and why my ears perk up when he says there's a better way to do something.

Also, I'm 100% with Al about not siloing projects _on social media sites like Facebook_. They're terrible for technical projects because they're specifically designed to surface "engaging" social information and push further engagement, rather than to actually preserve chronology, or to make it easy to refer back to or link to anything at all in the past. There is only forward, and only at the whim of The Algorithm.

Mailing lists are by far the best choice when it comes to collaboration on technical projects, with tools from project hosting sites like SourceForge, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Github a close second.

  -- Chris

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