Flip-Chip selloff

steven at malikoff.com steven at malikoff.com
Tue Feb 2 18:55:06 CST 2021

Chris said
> I can pretty much support any of the Dec stuff, with all of the pdp11's
> running now the next step is to get the 8/L working, then the 20. The
> Perqs and other stuff will be re-homed or sold.
> But I'm not giving things to "museums". At this point between museums
> blowing up, being shut down, selling "donations" on Ebay and literally
> stealing stuff I have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth from so called
> "museums".
> CZ

Fair points... I've got about 80 or so R, W, S, A flip-chips and some 18" Negibus(?) cables
perhaps I should do something about.
And enough DEC workstation and DEC-compatible mice that I just weighed them in kg.

Cataloging them would be a good start I guess. Also some other old flip-chip backplanes with more
modules, and a 1968(?) DEC A/D converter and so on. I've traded some stuff for PDP-11-related items
last year, and I would prefer to swap but I've found that notion does not sit well with some museums,
to my surprise. Offers to claim as US tax write-offs isn't of any use to me here in Oz.


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