NOT "Re: APL\360"

Stan Sieler sieler at
Tue Feb 2 13:35:40 CST 2021

TL;DR: getting tired of separating the wheat from the chaff

I have an odd but potentially useful idea for the list server ...

Until we have an AI that can properly read a message and re-write the
subject line,
perhaps the list server would *auto generate* a new subject line
after, say, the 29th reply with the same "Re:".

After 29 "Re: APL\360", the next  such msg would have subject line
rewritten to "New topic 1", and the next (up to) 28 "Re: APL\360"
would be similarly re-written (the '28' is decremented for every "Re:
and every "Re: New topic 1").
At that point, the next "Re: APL\360" or next "Re: New topic 1" gets
rewritten as "New topic 2".
(After a reuse counter for a subject has been 0 for two weeks, it could be
reset to 20, to allow much later legitimate replies.)

Yeah, tired of getting hopeful seeing "Re: APL\360" and seeing instead
a discussion of pints, or endianness (big rules, for a number of reasons ...
*even the creator of Intels's memory chip admitted that*), or bit numbering,
or counting sheep!


(And I'm not even complaining about the needless copying of the entire
prior post :)

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