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My point was that the metric system is easier because we chose to use a decimal number system.
Things like using fractional measurements as in the Imperial system are actually better for designing with. Fractional numbers work better with things like cross sectional areas and strength. Look at typical metric bolt sizes.
I agree things like ounces per pound are broken thinking.
Giving up fractional dimensions to make it easer to match our decimal number system is also broken.

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> I constantly see people claiming how much better decimal is than the English system of meassurment.

Um. I am a native English speaker, as well as an English citizen, and
I count in decimal.

Do you mean metric (SI / Systeme Internationale) versus Imperial
measurements? If so, I 100% aver that metric  is far better.

I am 53 years old. I did not learn Imperial at school, in any of the 3
countries where I went to school (UK, Nigeria, Isle of Man.) I know
some of the units; I think of a few things, such as human beings,
computer screens, and pizzas, in Imperial units. People's height in
feet & inches is more meaningful to me than in metres, but I can cope.
People's weight in stones. Beer in pints. Speeds in MPH. But that's
about all. I have never managed to learn how many ounces in a pound,
or pounds in an stone, or stones in a hundredweight. I do not know
what a fluid ounce is, or how many are in a pint. I do not know how
many yards in a mile. They're all arbitrary numbers and it makes no

SI units are 100% easier by any metric. Yes, that is intentional.

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