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> I constantly see people claiming how much better decimal is than the English system of meassurment.

Um. I am a native English speaker, as well as an English citizen, and
I count in decimal.

Do you mean metric (SI / Systeme Internationale) versus Imperial
measurements? If so, I 100% aver that metric  is far better.

I am 53 years old. I did not learn Imperial at school, in any of the 3
countries where I went to school (UK, Nigeria, Isle of Man.) I know
some of the units; I think of a few things, such as human beings,
computer screens, and pizzas, in Imperial units. People's height in
feet & inches is more meaningful to me than in metres, but I can cope.
People's weight in stones. Beer in pints. Speeds in MPH. But that's
about all. I have never managed to learn how many ounces in a pound,
or pounds in an stone, or stones in a hundredweight. I do not know
what a fluid ounce is, or how many are in a pint. I do not know how
many yards in a mile. They're all arbitrary numbers and it makes no

SI units are 100% easier by any metric. Yes, that is intentional.

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