Epson QX-10 hard drive

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On Sun, 31 Jan 2021 at 19:36, Warner Losh via cctalk
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> Greetings
> I recently purchased a QCS external hard disk on ebay. This was one of the
> companies that was selling DEC Rainbow hard drives. I had hoped it was an
> old Rainbow drive with interesting to me bits... Turns out it is an Epson
> QX-10 hard drive, full of interesting to bits for the QX-10 CP/M
> enthusiast. I've had trouble finding a suitable community to note this in
> should there be people around that care... so I thought I'd ask here is
> people know of good CP/M groups and/or QX-10/16 groups, mailing lists, irc
> channels, discord servers, etc I could find.

I'm not in it, but

There's some interest in the GEM-DEV group on -- GeneB is
your man there. is a starting point.

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