86-DOS and Seattle Computer Products

Ryan Ottignon s101885 at outlook.com
Mon Dec 27 19:20:04 CST 2021

Hi ccTalk!

My name is Ryan and I may have been in contact with a few of you already (Rich, most notably) about this topic. I am on a pretty wide search of any versions of 86-DOS, or any information regarding it.

As of now, I have 7 copies of 86-DOS. They cover a disappointing range of versions – from 1.00 to 1.14. There are a lot of duplicates. Versions prior to 1.00 were sold – for example, I know of 2 collectors with versions in the 0.3x range, but both are unable to image it due to technical limitations.

I’ve already contacted quite a few people. Most interestingly are 5 former Seattle Computer Products employees, as well as 2 family members of SCP owner Rod Brock. Tim Paterson, the creator of 86-DOS, didn’t have a copy, nor its source code. Pat Opalka, who contributed a bug fix, is in possession of a few copies, though none are prior to 1.00 (he may or may not be able to image them – if he does, I’ll send another message here). 3 other employees didn’t have any documents from the time, nor any copies of the software. The 2 family members of Rod Brock don’t have any copies, but have relevant documents and recordings that they are in the process of sending over.

So, if you have any copies of 86-DOS, even if you don’t want to share or its version is 1.00 or above, please send an e-mail back. I can send over imaging instructions. It was sold with the following computers:
- Seattle Computer Products 8086 System
- Seattle Computer Products Gazelle
- Lomas Data Products LDP88
- Lomas Data Products LDP1
- Lomas Data Products LDP2
There are 8” copies for Tarbell and Cromemco floppy disk controllers, as well as 5.25” copies for NorthStar disk controllers.

I will also take other relevant things such as people to contact, manuals, recollections of versions you may have had, etc.

Thank you all for your time!

- Ryan Ottignon

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