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jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Sun Dec 26 23:43:55 CST 2021

On 12/26/2021 7:49 PM, Ali wrote:
> Not sure what you mean here. Refurbished means that a seller has brought an item to the original operating specs and that the item will operate as it should. This is also eBay's meaning of refurbished. So I am not sure why you think they "screwed" it up.
I have several friends who sell on ebay.  All were screwed over by 
buyers who used any other descriptions other than New or Parts only to 
obtain refunds at the expense of them.  YMMV.

I agree with your definition, and if you read what I said, anywhere you 
wish to use those definitions in a reasonable way that is what it should 

And I separated another attribute, Warranty from that. Refurbishment 
claims things that relate to warranty.  Is it certified by you on 
shipping, and is a "theshold" warranty?  Is it for a certain period of 
time to remain functioning?

Such questions are hard to agree on on very old equipment.  Also the 
equipment such material is inserted into can be a big factor and wipe 
out a good part, so you have to know as a vendor if you can trust the 
situation you are shipping your parts into.  An experienced organization 
who has done support and probably won't do something w/o care and 
experience, or those who may not be able to.

I supported 8 ways for several years, and learned who I could trust when 
something I tested good came back under warranty, and those I had to 
deal with differently.

I just mentioned ebay as they make the definition there not much use.

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