Stage 2 Macroprocessor

Daniel Moniz dnm at
Sat Dec 25 14:56:18 CST 2021

Hi Peter,

On Thu, Dec 23, 2021, at 3:01 AM, Peter Van Peborgh via cctalk wrote:
> Guys,
> Has anyone out there in the big wide world there got a version of the 
> Stage
> 2 Macroprocessor than is ready to run on a Windows PC? I don't mean the
> build-it-yourself version.
> Refer to

I have binaries I compiled a couple years ago of some different implementations, including William Waite's distribution. Took some minor hacking to get things to build, but seems to work for me, though I haven't used it lately, so it may fail on some test cases it should pass on. Drop me a line (dnm at if you want the circa 2019 32-bit Windows command line executable of the William Waite distribution I put together with Simply Fortran and Mingw-w64.

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