PDP-11/44 gas struts

steven at malikoff.com steven at malikoff.com
Fri Dec 24 04:55:59 CST 2021

Alan asked

> I have a PDP-11/44 system in the DEC 41" high cabinet.
> It is designed to be tilted up for service, aided and
> supported by two gas struts, one on each side.
> Unfortunately, after all these years, the struts have
> failed and do not provide any assistance. That box is
> heavy!
> Does anyone know where I can get replacement gas struts?

No idea about original but if aftermarket is ok:
ebay.com       69,448 results for gas strut
Results could surely be narrowed down if dimensions provided.

Also for a given size they come in different levels of compression
force required.
I have replaced a few here and there, and also had them re-gassed
by a mobile service although that did not really last a long time.


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