FS: HP 3000s (928LX) for sale in Texas

Stan Sieler sieler at allegro.com
Sat Dec 18 17:27:16 CST 2021

Since they're vintage...

A friend is selling two HP 3000/928LX computers.  I don't know what he
wants for them.  For people interested in the HP 3000, this would be a nice

Size-wise, they're between a PC and a 2-drawer file cabinet in size.
They'll be network capable (may require a transceiver, but likely comes
with, and they're generally about $10 otherwise).

The following describes one, but there are two...

  1. HPe3000 928LX.

  2. 128mb main memory.

  3. (2) 4gb internal disk drives.

  4. DDS-2 internal tape drive.(two in one system and one in the other)

  5. MPE/iX 7.5 Operating System with 8 user license.

  6. System Consoles with keyboards.

  7. SE SCSI Interface Card

  8. External Disk drive mini cabinet with SCSI drives

Bonus: Backup and systems DDS tapes, Manuals, extra 4gb SCSI disks, and
Misc. Documentation

Lots of software.

Both systems were operating when shut down recently. Buy as is with no

Make an offer. Buyer to arrange packing and shipping.

Location: At my home office in Carrollton, TX

Contact Paul Edwards, pedwards at gte.net

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