TU56 DECtape takeup reel needed

Jay Jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Fri Dec 17 08:01:36 CST 2021

On 12/12/2021 1:08 PM, Alan Frisbie via cctalk wrote:
> I just unpacked the rack with my TU56 DECtape drive and discovered that
> the movers managed to break the takeup reels.  This, despite many layers
> of foam padding, stretch film, and warning signs.  On the other hand,
> this was the only item that suffered any damage at all.  Not too bad for
> three moving van loads!
> Can anyone help me with an empty DECtape reel or two?
> Thanks,
> Alan Frisbie

Were they left on the drive during shipping?

Anyway, I can probably find one lying around that I could spare.  (Or, 
if you have a bunch of tapes, maybe sacrifice a scratch?)



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