ISO: DEC PDP-8 Data Multiplexer (DM01, etc.)

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sat Dec 11 12:30:43 CST 2021

Hey all --

Got the TC01 working the other night, after a couple weeks of debugging
(*).  I'd like to be able to have both it and the RF08 that I'm working on
connected to the 8/I and running at the same time, so I'm looking for a
DM01 Data Multiplexer.  If anyone has any leads, do let me know.

Thanks as always,
- Josh

(*) Total TC01 fault count (so far):
- Bad transistor in TU55 motor brake control (W040)
- Bad jumper solder joints in TU55 (W990)
- Timing of UTS and U+M one-shots (R303) way out of adjustment (U+M
one-shot was at 2 seconds or so...)
- Bad tape data relay (G851)
- Bad IOT decoder transistor (W103)
- Missing Diode (W113) and weak diode in Write enable selection logic
- Timing of write clock way, way out of adjustment (90Khz vs. 125Khz
- 24 dead maintenance panel bulbs
- 2 dead TU55 bulbs (yet to be replaced)

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