Reproduction DEC 144-lamp indicator panels

steven at steven at
Thu Dec 9 18:13:29 CST 2021

Noel said
> The only PDP-11 devices which used indicator panels which I know of were:
> - the DX11 (I don't think anyone's got one of those)
> - the RF11 (ditto - although Guy was discussing emulating one at one point)
> - the RP11 (but the indicator panel is built into the controller rack there,
> so if one has an RP11, one already has the indicator panel)
> - the RK11-C (and several people who have those already have indicator panels)

Was there ever an indicator panel for the RC11?
Just curious as I have a set of RC11 modules (M7219, M7220, M7221, M7222, M7224, M7225) I found with the FOX-2/10
(PDP-11/15). No backplane though. I've not found any docs for these, I suppose they're probably on bitsavers and
have overlooked them.

Another indicator panel but non-DEC was the Foxboro drum (that's their description of the fixed-head disk) unit
apparently using the DDC 6200 with their own proprietary DBI controller.

The drum indicator panel bezel is the same casting as the 11/15's (and 11/20) as seen on page 1 of this extract:

I have the complete Foxboro schematics for this controller including the panel with its 61 bulbs. It's on my to-do
scanning pile. From an old 2007 message I found, I think Guy S has one? There was also a small mention of it being
emulated in Section 4.4.15 of the Ersatz-11 manual.

I can't see any evidence that the RC11 controller had anything to do with the Fox unit, so I have no idea why they
had it. There was no trace of any fixed-head disk hardware with the 2/10 and I think it may have only been offered
with the upgraded FOX 2/30 system.


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