Unrecognized DEC Power Supply in PDP-11/44 Configuration

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Josh & Pete: Thank you for the identification.  Don't think that the unidentified quad-boards constitute a SMD controller.  I guess the SMD controller was in the second chassis and went wherever the HDD went.  Strange that the PS didn't go with it.  I can feel a bit better for not having recognized the PS :-}.

Rick:  The UDA50 is cabled up the rear of the rack to a connector-plate near the top of the rear-rails.  No photo of the plate present, but the cabling is clear on the side-photo of the rack.  So presumably there was a second rack in the original configuration ... probably also housing a vertical-mount 9" tape drive.

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>> Does anyone recognize the (presumably) DEC power supply on the front 
>> half of the rack-bottom in the 11/44 listing at:

> It's not a DEC power supply, it's a Fujitsu power supply, likely for 
> an
> M2284 SMD drive.  Probably went in the empty slot you mention below.

Yep.  Looks identical to the Fujitsu PSU in my 11/40 rack, and the rails are the same as my Fujitsu rails.

Pete Turnbull

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