Disk cartridge storage racks

Alan Frisbie Flash688 at flying-disk.com
Sun Dec 5 13:04:28 CST 2021

I am in need of some disk cartridge storage racks.  The kinds I am
looking for are the ones used for front-loading cartridges (IBM 2315,
DEC RK05, etc.) as well as the ones for top-loading cartridges (IBM
5440, DEC RL02, etc.).

They were typically made of welded wire, and stored the cartridges
on edge.  I could use either the free-standing ones that sit on a shelf,
or the ones that were designed to go in a Wrightline cabinet.

I am in northwest Oregon and am willing to drive anywhere in the
neighboring states to pick them up, or pay for packing and shipping.

Alan Frisbie

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