Women of Computing

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Woke lego?? What lego has been at fore front of this idea of being open to
all for a long time so woke hah no being there as a community of growing
and creativity yes...

What's wrong with bringing out a set to celebrate these women who in many
cases worked in toxic male bs environments...  let's celebrate.  Not
complain plus there's now a univac in an official lego set!!

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> Great.....not.
> Why do we need woke Lego?
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> I really want to see this set produced, especially for the “Ada Lovelace”
> and “Admiral Hopper” portions of the set.
> https://ideas.lego.com/blogs/a4ae09b6-0d4c-4307-9da8-3ee9f3d368d6/post/f39b7001-bf76-46ba-9d61-cb586f1c7a7d
> https://ideas.lego.com/projects/3bf5b46c-6c87-4a2d-a2e1-d31ed0e2739e
> Zane

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