HP-UX on 9000/200 series

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Tue Aug 31 22:15:18 CDT 2021

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> I have a couple of those CPU cards too, and they should fit a a 9826 or
> 9836 as well, but looking at the pictures of that CPU card as posted on
> hpmuseum.net the part number of the processor on the card is a 12MHz
> 68000.  Since all the enhancements between 68000 and 68010 are internal
> and they have identical pinouts, it would seem at some point HP started
> putting 68010 processors on them. The ones I have with 68010 processors
> came out of a 4972A which is a network trace tool that is built around
> hardware similar to a 9920.  This processor card does have some memory
> management hardware on it, but it seems odd that they would build a
> processor with memory management and use a processor that cannot recover
> from a page fault, however is they have a 68010 installed it can handle
> page faults.  I don't know if this processor card can support 5.1 I
> don't think I tried it when I first stumbled onto the diskette images, I
> believe I only ever tried it on a 310 and found that it was hopelessly
> slow, so I moved onto a 380 with maxed out memory and a later version of
> HP-UX.  On the hpmuseum.net site they tried it on a 9817 and it did not
> work, which may suggest it will also be an issue for these processor
> cards with a 68010 on them.

I had a brief saga with this same issue a few years back, with my 9836CU.
There was some discussion on the list:


Long story short:  I tried a 68010 (and 68012) in the socket and while the
system was functional, it didn't magically give it the ability to boot
HP-UX 5.1, at least in my experience.  If you give it a try I'd love to
know the results.

I don't know if there was a later revision CPU board that supported 5.1, or
if only HP-UX 2.1 was officially supported, or what.  The available
information is very thin.

- Josh

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