Scanning Suggestions (Bookmarks & Colour)

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Sat Aug 28 10:57:02 CDT 2021

On 28/08/2021 12:44, emanuel stiebler via cctalk wrote:
> I always fail to understand this ...
> With prices for hard drives like they are, and comparing to the amount
> of work, it really is to scan a manual, I would recommend to scan with
> the best resolution you have, and have those files as you "original scans"
> Than, you apply whatever tricks you have in your bin, to "publish" those
> scans.

Well the scanner claims 4800 dpi optical, so that's 1.6GiB per page.

(Actually the scanner claims 4800 x 9600 dpi optical  but I can't see 
how to ask it to do that).

So there's a question of what's practical. I only have about 4Tib of 
free space, so that's 2500 colour pages at most.

It's also incredibly inefficient: that same information, if it had been 
born digital, would take 100kB per page or so.

I've not tried opening a 100GiB document lately but I assume that any 
PDF reader will some issues.

> Probably, one day there will be a nice tool, to do whatever you
> expected, and you have the scan already on your drive, and the original
> manual is digitized and preserved already.
Neatly solved in the document's future (but our past and present) by 
having documents that are born digital.

That just leaves a few hundred years of printed matter to deal with. 
Luckily noteshrink seems to do a good job.


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