Scanning Suggestions (Bookmarks & Colour)

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Fri Aug 27 19:47:13 CDT 2021

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>> It turns out though that if you drive it with a computer then you also get the choice of TIFF or PNG as additional choices. TIFF is likely to be quite a bit too big. I'll try PNG and see how big the files it generates are. I've no idea what the default compression is straight out of the software but as long as it's lossless I can hopefully post-process to squeeze things down if possible.
> TIFF is (normally) lossless.  I think PNG also, or at least can be, but I don't understand it as well.

I should have checked first, but at least now I know: yes, PNG is lossless, it uses Deflate compression.  And TIFF is also lossless, with a variety of compression schemes.  In particular, it is the way to go for bitonal images with the CCITT compression scheme, which is specifically optimized for that case.  


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