Anyone remember Kel-Am connectors?

Eric Smith spacewar at
Wed Aug 25 02:29:50 CDT 2021

When I worked at Apparat around 1981, we used a lot of *male* IDC edge card
connectors. I've almost never seen any since, and I couldn't remember the
name of the vendor. I just found out that it was Kel-Am, but the internet
knows almost nothing about them.

Here's an example:

That photo doesn't show the Kel-Am logo, which is just a stylized "KEL-AM".
There are some eBay auctions of the corresponding female connector (which
other vendors did make), some of which show the logo.

I wonder what happened to Kel-Am. Maybe they were acquired, maybe they went
under. It would be nice to find a copy of their catalog.

Speaking of which, it would also be nice to see some Robinson Nugent
connector catalogs from the late 1970s and early 1980s. I am especially
interested in seeing specs for their bottom-entry square-pin receptacles,
which I think _might_ be the ones used on Apple /// memory boards.

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