Archiving otrona attache disks

Fred Cisin cisin at
Tue Aug 24 15:30:01 CDT 2021

>> The 96tpi ones are 800K, and should be treated like any other "Quad 
>> Density" CP/M disk.

On Tue, 24 Aug 2021, geneb via cctech wrote:
> Just for my own curiosity, can a "typical" high-density 5.25" drive correctly 
> image a 96tpi disk?

Either the drive needs to be able to switch to 300 RPM,
OR the FDC needs to support 300bit per second data transfer rate,
(same as what was required for routine reading of 360K disks in the 1.2M 
BUT, it needs to NOT automagically engage a double-step "feature".

One of my primary test machines was a "REAL" 5170.
It worked OK for "720K" 96tpi disks (what some companies called "quad 

'Course, use of a 5150/5160 with a "low density" 96tpi drive, such as 
Shugart/Panasonic/Matsushita 465, Mitsubishi 4853, Teac 55F, Tandon 
TM100-4, or similar avoids that particular potential (but not common) BIOS 

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