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Mon Aug 23 15:39:39 CDT 2021

On Mon, 23 Aug 2021, shadoooo via cctech wrote:

> Hello Rob,
> FreeCAD is nice for modeling 3D shapes.
Not if you've ever used a commercial product that does the same job. ;)

> For 3D printing, depending on the technology of 3D printer, you need to 
> process original model to convert compact sections into hollow honeycomb 
> structure, and add small plastic bars into empty volumes to support the 
> model while it's printed. I'm not expert of this latter procedure and 
> tools.

Dictating the infill pattern of a STL file is *never* the job of the 
drawing tool, it's the job of the slicer being used to turn the STL file 
into gcode.


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