3d modelling software

Jon Elson elson at pico-systems.com
Mon Aug 23 17:02:46 CDT 2021

On 8/23/21 1:19 PM, Alan Perry via cctalk wrote:
> What OS were you running it on? When I first started trying to use it a couple years ago on a Mac, it didn’t work so well. I started trying to make it work better and then realized that I was spending most of my time trying to make the tool work and not so much time modeling the part that I was trying replicate and threw in the towel and started using Fusion 360. Using Fusion 360 has had some advantages when getting the part made (there is a common language for tweaking the model).
I recently got a free 3D printer tossed out at work.  I use 
Linux pretty exclusively, and so downloaded FreeCad.  The 
problem is the developers are changing things so fast the 
docs and on-line tutorials are having trouble keeping up to 
date.  It is a very complex software package, but it DOES 
work if you can learn the mindset of it.  There are 
sketches, extrusions, solids of revolution, etc.  So, this 
is a mixed recommendation, but if you have a complex part to 
design, it is probably worth the effort to learn the 
basics.  As far as I can tell, it will do everything 
Inventor will do.


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