DEC UNIBUS and use of cassette

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On 8/21/2021 3:44 PM, Bill Degnan via cctalk wrote:
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>>      > From: Bill Degnan
>>      > Was there a UNIBUS storage system that used a cassette player as the
>>      > storage device .., rigged to send receive signals via a serial card
>>      > connection.
>> Yes and no. There is the TA11 Magnetic Tape Cassette System, which used the
>> TU60 Dual DECasette Transport (I need to create a page for that in the
>> CHWiki), but it uses a special controller card, the TA11 Magnetic Tape
>> Cassette controller:
>> There is a small cheap tape system which used a stock serial interface to
>> talk
>> to the computer, the TU58, but those used DECtpe-II cartridges, not
>> standard
>> casettes.
>>          Noel
> Thanks Noel.  I suppose if it was done it was a hack/not official system.
> Bill

There were third party cassette systems, typically using some kind of 
digital cassette format, that you could hook up with a terminal.  One 
was made by Sykes that I played with once upon a time:

But not UNIBUS - it was just a standard serial port thing, not tied to 
any particular computer system.

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