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On Tue, Aug 17, 2021, 6:46 AM Dennis Grevenstein via cctech <
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> Bill Gunshannon wrote:
> >
> > With 3.1 available why would you want to run 2.0?  Someone mentioned
> > a 4.0.  I don't remember there ever being anything after 3.1 (promised,
> > but never saw it delivered)  Would be fun to look at.

Yea. I've not seen anything survive on any of the abandonware sites.

But another way to ask: what is fixed between 2.0 and 3.1 that prompts Bill
to ask me why I'd want 2.0 like it was nuts...

But I suspect
> > anything beginning with 4 is actually Ultrix-32 which I think went as
> > far as 4.5.
> That seems likely, because AFAIR Ultrix-11 never got past 3.X.
> In any way I would like to point out that Ultrix-11 and Ultrix-32 are
> completely different: Ultrix-11 based on V7 (+addons) and Ultrix-32
> based on 4.2BSD (+addons).

Having looked at the sources to both and running diffs with tuhs, I can
confirm this is the case. And ultrix-32 had different version numbers than
ultrix-11. But the vax and mips versions shared the same sources as far as
I can tell (though I don't know if it is common ancestor or operationally
the same repo).

Also, the addons to ultrix-11 include BSD networking. It has the feel of
2.9BSD with a more polished installer and sysgen (alien name in unix world,
but common for DEC OSes).


I actually still have Ultrix-32 3.1 running on a DECstation. It really
> is nothing like running Ultrix-11 3.1, which I did many years ago.
> Dennis

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