DEC Rainbow Ethernet Hardware

Warner Losh imp at
Mon Aug 16 18:01:28 CDT 2021


I'm looking for any and all information I can find on the DEC Rainbow
ethernet cards.

I know for sure that two exist, both plugged into the communications slot
that most rainbows have filled with a  hard disk controller. DEC made one,
and Univation made the other. Univation also advertised a ARCnet card, but
I found that only in one issue of Digital Review and the next issue moved
up to Ethernet.

So far all I've been able to find is DECnet DOS/Rainbow 1.0 which might
have drivers for the former on it. I've seen no trace of the latter.

Also, is there a convenient way to extract teledisk disks these days to
something like an image file on Linux/FreeBSD? MAME almost can do this (I
can read it in with the Rainbow emulator and diskcopy to a flat file that I
can then examine), but I was hoping there was a tar-like tool to do the


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