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Mon Aug 16 13:55:16 CDT 2021

On 8/15/2021 10:08 AM, Bill Gunshannon 
via cctalk wrote:
> On 8/15/21 12:45 AM, Warner Losh via 
> cctalk wrote:
>> Distributions/DEC/Ultrix-11/Fred-Ultrix3 
>> in the tuhs archive has complete
>> instructions as well as a program to 
>> build the ultrix tapes
> It took a day because I wanted to test 
> it but I have a TK50 image that
> works with SIMH.  I did an install on 
> an 11/73 with 3M of memory and
> two RD54's.  Worked fine.  It's been a 
> while since I did any Ultrix-11
> on real or simulated hardware.
> Have no idea how to get this tape to 
> anyone.  It's just shy of 4M. Not
> sure if it could be emailed.  The SIMH 
> ini file is trivially simple but
> I could provide that as well.
> I have nowhere I could put it up for 
> download.  I don't do things like
> Google Drive.  Maybe we need a GITHUB 
> site or something for Ultrix stuff.
> bill

Bill's file is at:


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