ISO Laserjet I/II/III firmware

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>> I suspect interest in emulating them will die out once they get past the 68000 models.
> I may still have a II, and I definitely still have at least one
> (functional) III and a 4Si
> I still use my 4M/L all the time - Postscript + LocalTalk + IEEE1284.
> It's a great little printer.
> -ethan

I have a IIp+ that I got for $2 at a hamfest around 15 years ago... I 
have repaired it several times (most recently, visibly bad electrolytics 
in the switching PS startup circuit). In fact that's the second time the 
power supply has failed - the first time was years ago and I just 
replaced the board. Now it's crinkling the bottom of pages... there used 
to be a kit to fix that.

I love those old "bricks". Although mine is like my grandfather's axe 
(new head and new handle but it's still my grandpa's axe) :)

The trick nowadays is finding toner cartridges that weren't just 
refilled, but actually rebuilt (with a new wiper blade).


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