Atari 800 to C64

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Wed Aug 11 15:10:12 CDT 2021

> I wonder what it would take to go the other way.  I have plenty of C-64's
> and no 8-bit Atari computers.  Maybe I'll finally get one at the next PRGE.

A lot more, I should think. This is just Commodore BASIC v2.0, which has
just about zero special hardware support and was ported almost verbatim from
the PET, whereas Atari BASIC gave you access to lots of Atari-specific graphic
and audio features.

As a result, this particular hack would fall over the minute someone tried
POKEing to a critical memory range. There's no VIC-II at $d000, for example.
Still, it's a fascinating facsimile.

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