PC floppy disk sets avaialble free

Mike Norris mike_t_norris at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 9 05:44:56 CDT 2021


During a clear out I found the following floppy disk sets, I am not sure if they are of any use to anyone:

Pathworks V5.1 (35 disks) plus LAN Mgr Setup - these are copies not originals
Mastering Windows Programming with Borland C++4 (Sams - don't have the book though!)
Borland SQL Link for Windows for Interbase 3.3 (3 disk)
Paradox for Windows V 4.5 (2 disk)
Paradox for Windows Object Converters for Forms (1 disk)
Turbo C++ for Windows 3.1 (7 disks)
Proto Gen V2.2 (1 disk)
Adaptec 7800 Family Manager Set for Win NT 3.5 or Win 95/98 (3 disks)

CDs -
Adaptec EZ-SCSI Deluxe Edition V5
Easy CD Creator & DirectCD

All are untried and I have no means to read them, but have been stored in a clean environment, some still in their original wrapping, free except for the cost of postage (I am in the UK).

Regards Mike Norris

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