Early '80s Motorola Semiconductor Reference - anyone?

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Sat Aug 7 23:48:34 CDT 2021

> On Aug 7, 2021, at 9:17 PM, Chuck Guzis <cclist at sydex.com> wrote:
> On 8/7/21 8:20 PM, r.stricklin wrote:
>> Ugh… I hadn’t even thought of that. You’re confident of it?
> Until someone comes up with a better theory, yes.  Consider this supply:
> http://bitsavers.org/pdf/boschert/Boschert_OL25_Single-Stage_Power_Supply_Maintenance_Manual_May79.pdf
> Go to the BOM on page 32.  Note hat a 10-1038 is a 1N4004, a 10-1013 is
> a 1N4148, a 13-1055 is a MPS2222, and so on.   Your numbers seem to
> follow this line, just without the prefix, which I assume indicates the
> general type of component; e.g. 10 - silicon rectifier diode; 13 an NPN
> transistor, 12 a PNP and so on.

I’m convinced.

Annoying, but I still appreciate the tip. I think I can get where I need to go with the assorted Boschert manuals on Bitsavers, if I put the effort into tracing mine out. 

It looks a lot, based on where they appear in the schematics, like a reasonable guess that the four 1027 (DO-42ish) devices I diked out (and one of which is shorted) are either 1N4004 or MR820. Based on the packaging I think I can guess they are perhaps 1N4004 (59-10).

But I should trace the thing out anyway and try to draw my own schematic, first.



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