FTGH for pickup in So Cal v3: Power Macs, DuoDock, Compaq 486, ...

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Tue Aug 3 20:19:06 CDT 2021

A number of the prior systems were picked up or other arrangements made, and
a couple more pulled from storage to make room. As before, these are FREE
TO A GOOD HOME but you have to come PICK UP from various locations in the
Riverside-San Bernardino, CA region. Contact me privately if interested.
These remaining machines and peripherals will go to the scrapper on August 14
if not otherwise claimed.

Network General Sniffer (Compaq 486 portable). Should "just work" with a
new power supply, but I don't have any time to deal with it anymore and
Wireshark has made it generally obsolete for what I used to use it for.

Macintosh DuoDock, with key. Doesn't feed; this is usually a capacitor
problem. A bit yellowed but otherwise physically intact. I use a different
dock with my 2300 so I don't really need this either.

500MHz iBook G3 laptop (snow, not colour) M6497 with tray loader optical
drive and power supply. Does boot OS X, but needs a new LCD backlight (mini
VGA port works and you can see the display in bright light) and battery is
of course toast. Otherwise physically intact except that ex-bro-in-law put
grotty stickers on it.

Sawtooth Power Mac G4 450MHz. No RAM, no video card, no hard disk. Used to
be my file server but had issues with one of the PCI slots. Has optical drive
and ZIP with matching Apple bezels. Does power on, but obviously without RAM
or a video card (AGP) will not pass POST. Add your own USB keyboard and mouse.

Various other items:

Apple II Super Serial card with DB-25 670-0020-? (uses 6551 ACIA) and
Apple IIe 80 column 64K memory expansion 607-0103-K. Can't test them but
both look intact.

Kurta Penmouse. Serial and PS/2 connectors. Seems to have a power supply
jack (9V) but I don't have the power supply and I don't know if it needs
it. Can't test it, no drivers, physically intact.

Sun model 411 SCSI CD-ROM. Requires caddy. Won't mount discs, might need a

UMAX Astra 2100U flatbed USB scanner with power supply. Powers on. Works
with classic Mac OS but probably most systems. No driver disc.

Pair of Telular SX5 GSM terminals. These were the server room's backup
communication system. They work, but no GSM network to connect to anymore.
Might be fun if you set one up. Real serial ports! Real GSM modem! Full
kits with power supply.

Visual UpTime Select T1 CSU/DSU. Has a Cisco V.35 cable connected and
jacks for Ethernet, serial, DSX-1 and T1. Powers on, obviously goes
right into Red Alarm since there's no network. You telco nerds will love it.

Samsung 17" SyncMaster CRT. Works fine, great shape, just too big to keep
around anymore.

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