Help reading a 9 track tape

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Mon Aug 2 15:16:49 CDT 2021

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>>> Thanks for feedback and offers to assist.  I received the tape from
>>> one of the maintainers of Schoonship at CERN, and it was probably made
>>> around 1978 at SLAC.
>>> For some background, Tini Veltman developed Schoonship in the 1960's
>>> at CERN on the CDC 6600.  My understanding is that he more or less
>>> insisted on coding in assembly since he thought FORTRAN or other high
>>> level languages would just get in the way and slow things down.
>> Depending on what he was trying to do that may well be a valid assessment.  CDC Fortran was known to be pretty good, but Fortran  is not the obvious answer for implementing interpreters or other language processors, which this sounds like.
> Some might argue with you about that.  PL/M was done in Fortran IV.

Interesting.  So was IBM Fortran H, if I remember right.  And I talked to a DEC engineer who built an expression parser in COBOL.  Still, these are not the usual case.


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