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> I would argue that this is totally wrong. iOS,

Which is a Unix. Derived from Mac OS X, which is an Open Group certified UNIX™.

> Android

A Linux distro.

> and other mobile
> systems,

QNX as in Blackberry 10? A Unix.

Jolla Sailfish? Meego? Tizen? Samsung Bada? Huawei Harmony OS?

All Linux.

> with decidedly different user experiences and programming interfaces

Sure, yes. Still Unices underneath, though.

> As we get
> better a consumer level  containerization and sandboxing, more end users
> are seeing chimera's like Android apps running under ChromeOs

Linux apps running under Linux: more proof that Linux is Linux, ISTM.

> or Windows
> apps on macos and Linux.

WINE is pretty good these days. I use it for several things.

There are basically 2 OS families left for general-purpose computing:
Windows NT and UNIX.

DOS is dead. Netware is dead. OS/2 is very very nearly dead. BeOS is
dead; Haiku is alive and developing but very niche.

RISC OS is alive but very niche.

AmigaOS is not well at all and even including MorphOS and AROS it's as
niche as RISC OS or more so.

Symbian is dead. NewtonOS is dead. Classic MacOS is dead.

CP/M is surprisingly alive for something so old and rudimentary and
seeing some activity, e.g. CPMish, but I don't think anyone would
claim it has much of a future. CCP/M is dead although I think Toshiba
just about supports 4680 and 4690.

VMware was originally based around Linux although the company tried
hard to cover that up. Xen is alive and well but it's not a GP OS, I'd

I'm struggling to think of anything else. There are things but they're
even more niche than say Haiku. Redox OS? Genode? HelenOS?

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