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I Have one of those ETI boards, and I based my final Electronics
Engineering project on its big brother, the 65F12.

>From memory, I spent days trying to understand why you had to issue a HEX
1800 MEMTOP command before using the disk.  ETI Suggested that it was
because the system had to know where the top of memory was, but it was
because of a bug in that version of the kernel.

The 65F11 had all of the headless primitive in kernel rom, and used a
development ROM that contained the higher level words.   I Loved the
concept, but the silicon was expensive and as it turned out, rara.  Nobody
knows anything about these chips.

At Uni, we hav Novix NC4016 dev boards with FDD support - they were FAST...
One cycle could see the CPU read the next instruction, write a byte to the
stack, and write a byte to I/O - all because it used three (or 4) separate

I'm here in Australia, and would merrily give it a home. :-)

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> > Anyone remember the R65F11? It's a Forth microcontroller: 6502
> > processor with a Forth kernel in ROM, from the mid '80s.
> >
> Your hometown magazine, ETI, ran several articles about it at irregular
> intervals.  The first was a development board in May 85:
> https://worldradiohistory.com/Archive-Electronics-Today/Australia/80s/ETI%201985-05%20May.pdf
> In Dec 85 they added a disk drive:
> https://worldradiohistory.com/Archive-Electronics-Today/Australia/80s/ETI%201985-12%20December.pdf
> Will

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