DEC ADV11-D Analog to Digital converter with DMA

Mark Matlock mark at
Fri Oct 16 17:34:50 CDT 2020

   I recently acquired an ADV11-D Qbus A/D board and having been working on a RSX11M+ driver for it. It is similar enough to the ADV11-C that the driver I wrote for the -C works ok, but the -D is DMA capable.

    It seems to have two extra CSR registers in addition to the CSR, and read buffer. Does anyone have documentation for this board? It is mentioned in the Oct. 88 Microsystems Option Guide and both RSX and VMS supported it. It was also mentioned in the Dec 92 Real Time Products Technical manual.

  It has a 40 pin IDC connector that appears to have some amount of differences from the ADV11-C and no where have I seen any info on the DMA capability. 

   Does anyone have a ADV11-D user manual or XXDP source code for testing it?


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