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Grant Taylor cctalk at
Wed Oct 14 21:18:18 CDT 2020

On 10/14/20 8:07 PM, Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:
> Last Mon, Oct 12th.  The last message I received from the mailing 
> list was on Oct 1st.

The last message I see (prior to mine) from geeks at sunhelp was last 
Thursday, October 8th.

> so I take it the original domain went down on Oct 11th at ~7am; OTOH 
> itself has yet two years to go (as you have also observed).


> I suppose the list server relies on the same nameservers in a way 
> that prevents e-mail distribution from happening.

I don't think so.  At least I thought that the hot wiring that I did to 
my mail server only effected /sending/ of email.

The changes I made to the DNS server would have effected /receiving/ of 

I have successfully sent a message to the geeks at sunhelp mailing list 
/and/ received my copy of said message from said mailing list.

> I have since resubmitted the same message manually to's 
> SMTP receiver (the original message is still in the outgoing mail 
> queue:
> smtp/ B/W/23993316: (196 tries, expires in 2d17h) smtp; 
> 466 (No DNS response for host:; h_errno=0)
> ) to see what happens and got a DSN ack even, but the message did 
> not get through.

Were you sending a message to geeks at sunhelp or a different address?

I accidentally sent a message to geeks at sunhelp from the wrong address 
and did receive the DSN from Mailman stating that I wasn't subscribed 
(with that address) and thus the message was rejected.

> So local hot wiring of name resolution (which I suppose could be as 
> easy as adding a /etc/hosts entry rather than going through the hoops 
> of setting up a manipulated name server) might be good enough to get 
> at the web pages, but not to get the list going.

Ya ... email tends to be more reliant on DNS.  At least unless you 
explicitly tell it to not use it for specific domains.  And that's 
exactly what I did.  I hard (hot) wired email routing so that email for goes to, which is resolvable do to my DNS 
hot wiring (forwarders).

You can probably do similar or configure the email routing to go to the 
IP directly.

Grant. . . .
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