FYI down

John Klos john at
Wed Oct 14 15:08:23 CDT 2020

> I posted to <rescue at> and saw my message got stuck in the mail
> queue.  Upon a further inspection I saw that the domain has expired along
> with `' where the nameservers used to reside and both have been
> taken by someone else, taking the name service down for `'.  I
> can still reach Bill Bradford's personal page when I connect to the server
> by its IPv4 address at: <>.

I noticed this, too. Since uses DNS servers, and 
because the server at is still up, we can still see the 
content if we make our own DNS, so I configured my server at 
( to answer for, for, for, and for, so if you want to see any of 
these, temporarily set your DNS server to

I did this in part to mirror, but I suspect there are already 
mirrors out there.

Sorry to hear about Bill :(

John Klos

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