Tutor needed for college student

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On 10/12/20 5:43 PM, dwight wrote:
> Remakable. It was not the descrete math I know, then. It would vary 
> heavy on logic and set theory stuff. Not the kind of stuff I deal with 
> at work. It was a long time ago though. Things have changed. The closest 
> we go to a real computer was a Monrow calculator.

I used to laugh when I heard students (Freshman who had not
actually started CS classes yet) talking among themselves about
how this was totally unrelated to CS so why do they have to take
it.  I started in CS before I had any kind of degree so taking
college courses later was like finishing  up the documentation
on a project.  When I took Discrete Math I was amazed at how
much of it applied to my everyday job in IT.  Venn Diagrams and
writing SQL queries.  Node Diagrams and linked lists or network
architecture.  And the list goes on and  on.  Yes, I did the
job without having taken a Discrete Math course, but that doesn't
mean I didn't learn it.  I just learned it like everything else.
The hard way on the job learning from my mistakes. I didn't
take any college level programming courses until after 20 years
of doing the job.  But that doesn't necessarily mean the courses
are unneeded.


> Dwight
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>> I'm not too sure Hackers will have someone that is into Discrete Math. It is way beyond what a typical engineer will go through to get a degree. It is not a course someone would take without expecting to get into theoretical mathematics.
> Seriously?  Every CS and CIS student at the University where I
> worked for 25 years had to take Discrete Math.  I am sure most
> other engineering disciplines required it, too but I would have
> to  look it up to be sure.
> bill

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