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Wed Oct 7 14:35:13 CDT 2020

On 10/7/20 1:17 PM, Tomas By wrote:
> Well, in theory it could possibly be directly between 200LX and 
> Internet, without any PO, but realistically: yes.

I don't see how that would work.  If all the client knows how to do is 
talk to a cc:Mail Post Office, then I think the Post Office is going to 
be /required/.  Now, if the client knows how to talk to something other 
than the P.O. ... sure.

> It's been a while now, but one cc:Mail PO version I tried had an SMTP 
> add-on for sending mail, and also, I believe, POP/IMAP for dial-up, 
> i.e. acting as a server using those protocols.

I'm not surprised that such a gateway existed.

> What I believe I am looking for is a POP/IMAP client side, to run 
> on/with the cc:Mail PO, getting mails from Internet to cc:Mail.


Or something to perform that function, even if it's not the original 
solution from Lotus (or whomever owned cc:Mail before Lotus acquired them).

> Right.
> But there were bridges, apparently, so they must have done it?

Ya.  I think gateways were the quintessential solution to connect P.O.s 
to the Internet or other email systems in the '80s & '90s.

> Sounds good.

See my other reply from a few minutes ago.

> No, it can be separate.


> So getting the mail from fetchmail into cc:Mail should be possible 
> with the Lotus dev stuff?

I don't know about the dev stuff.

I was thinking about an SMTP gateway in-to / out-of a cc:Mail P.O.  Then 
have fetchmail (et al.) pull email from wherever and feed it into the 
SMTP gateway.

> If by system you mean cc:Mail then I do not really see how this works.

No.  I mean configure a new (sub)domain with it's own MX record that 
point to the SMTP gateway (probably via intermediate SMTP server) so 
that email naturally flows into it.

You can't (practically) have @domain-one.example email go into two 
separate SMTP servers.  So one trick is to feed it into one and have it 
selectively forwad specific addresses to @ccmail-domain.example.

Aside:  There are ways to do this, but they are complex and most people 
don't want to go there.  E.g. Sendmail's LDAP routing.

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