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This API connection for cc:mail is Lotus VIM, vendor independent mail except
only lotus every implemented it. Somewhere I had some code that would
interface to VIM but I have no idea where it is now.
I think it listened for a local SMTP connection and then sent it via
cc:mail. I think the idea was that you could use OUTLOOK Express to handle
"mailto:" urls and then deliver them via cc:mail. 
I probably still have the API documents but they also still appears to be
some on the IBM web site.

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> And one more thing,
> Am wondering about the possibility of setting up an interface between
> modern Unix email and the embedded client for cc:Mail on the HP 200LX.
> Various versions of cc:Mail are available from and
>, but the missing link seems to be the "client" type
> connection from the cc:Mail post office to the internet, i.e. for the PO
> machine to connect periodically and collect mail, rather than just acting
as a
> server.
> Have not been able to find much technical information about cc:Mail. I did
> see a Lotus development kit for sale somwhere but seems to have lost the
> link.
> Does anybody here know anything about this? Are there any books or
> technical documents on cc:Mail available anywhere?
> /Tomas

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