Anyone want to part with a DEC MXV11-B (M7195) and/or M8012 (BDV11)?

Chris Hanson cmhanson at
Sun Oct 4 15:14:48 CDT 2020

Thanks to everyone who replied, on- and off-list! There’s an MXV11-B (M7195) on its way to me. :)

Since people were asking about my setup, here’s what I have:

- MDB BA11-clone enclosure, PSU, and 8-slot 22-bit backplane
- DEC KDF11-A (M8186) rev C processor with FPP added
- DEC DLV11-J (M8043) SLU
- Motorola M1132 128KW RAM

And some stuff that’s untested but I’m eager to try:

- (soon) Emulex UC07 SCSI controller
- (soon) DEC MXV11-B (M7195) system controller
- DEC MSV11-LF (M8059) 64KW RAM
- DEC DEQNA (M7054) Ethernet controller
- DEC RLV12 (M8061) RL01/02 disk controller
- MDB MLSI-SCM11 system controller

For the latter two, I need to figure out whether my backplane supports ABCD use in the first couple of slots, or if it’s purely an ABAB model. (The KDF11-A, RLV12, and MLSI-SCM11 came in the backplane, but I’m hesitant to interpret that as ‘these were configured together in this pattern” rather than “these happened to fit in here for storage.”)

I’m actually still looking for docs on the MSLI-SCM11, since it looks extremely configurable and I have no idea how to use it or what it’ll provide…

As for what I’m going to do with it, I’m thinking XINU. Comer’s book is one of the two books via which I learned C (Tannenbaum’s was the other) so I think that’d be a fun system to have up and running, especially since it has IP support.

  — Chris

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