IBM PC-DOS 2.10 explorations

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun Oct 4 13:07:11 CDT 2020

On Sun, 4 Oct 2020, Will Senn wrote:
> I am using a Thinkpad T430 w/DOS 6.22. If I can figure out how to get 3.31 on 
> there, I'll give it a shot. I bought a Floppy-USB connector for my old 1.44 
> floppy drive and it works fine with DOS 6.22, but I'm not sure where to 
> locate 3.31 media that I could burn onto a 1.44 floppy and boot. I have 
> sealed IBM DOS 3.3 media, but I don't think my T430 is really compatible :). 
> So, I'm not keen on opening the seal...

I'm curious.
6.22 did not have native USB support - that didn't come about until 
Are you running CONFIG.SYS drivers for it?

If you can find an original copy of COMPAQ MS-DOS 3.31, that was 
originally available on 1.2M and 1.4M
Zenith MS-DOS 3.31 is another popular choice.

Try to find it, rather than opening the PC-DOS 3.30.  3.30 (and all 
earlier) did not support HDD >32M, although there were ways to cheat that 
limitation, such as the network redirector (with MSCDEX) coul make a local 
drive LOOK like it was a network drive elsewhere.

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