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I have Concurrent Link XM and Softlink and stuff like that here but I never
used it much.

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> > I'm researching Multiuser DOS out of my own interest.  A version made by
> Concurrent Controls specifically.  However, I have been unable to find
> documentation on it to satisfy my curiosity on how it works and how it is
> configured.  They must have somehow broken the 640K barrier or virtualized
> each user session, I'd like to understand it better.  What were it's
> limitations, I'm guessing that each user didn't get direct access to
> hardware.  Anyone out there have a document or experience with it?
> It's just one fork of the old DR Concurrent DOS/386, descended from
> Concurrent CP/M. The Wikipedia article is a good start:
> I say this with slight bias as I wrote a chunk of it. Yes, I had some
> experience with it, installing and supporting it on customers' systems
> in the late 1980s.
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