[TUHS] Fwd: Choice of Unix for 11/03 and 11/23+ Systems

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Oct 2 12:20:24 CDT 2020

    > From: Liam Proven

    > for my continuing education: what's a "Mini-Unix binary"?

Two possible meanings; a system image for a Mini-Unix system (buildable under
V6 with the standard V6 tool-chain of C-compiler/assembler/linker), and user
command binaries (buildable with the C-compiler/assembler, but needing a
special Mini-Unix linker - written in C, and compilable/runnable under V6).
I've done both in my recent Mini-Unix work.

(For those are are not familiar with Mini-Unix and LSX, they are both V6 Unix
variants lobotomized to run on PDP-11's without memory management: -11/05's,
etc. I'm currently working on getting Mini-Unix to run on an -11/03; not a
major change, but not a model supported 'out of the box'. LSX is more heavily
cut down, so it will run on even smaller systems - I seem to recollect 20KB
or so - but that's not that useful nowadays, with semi-conductor memory being
fairly common.)


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