Intel Developers' Insight CD-ROM collection archived anywhere?

Maciej W. Rozycki macro at
Thu Oct 1 19:18:05 CDT 2020

On Thu, 1 Oct 2020, Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:

> > As one example of something that I was recently unable to find online
> > anywhere is a copy of either of these, which might have been available
> > on some of the Intel Developers' Insight CD-ROMs:
> > 297372 16-Mbit Flash Product Family User’s Manual
> > 297508 FLASHBuilder Design Resource Tool
> > Those are mentioned in various Intel flash memory datasheets and
> > databooks from around the 1995 timeframe.
>  Sadly neither seems to be among the files I have copied.  I could yet 
> check Intel Dec 1995 Data on Demand discs I happen to have, and do have 
> here, but they are cumbersome to handle as they use a proprietary format 
> requiring a DOS app to access, and yet more hassle to get anything 
> exported (assuming I can recall how I did that many years ago), so it'll 
> take a little.

 That was fun.  I have since reconfigured the box a little hardware-wise, 
but all the configured DOS sofware setup remained the same, so things not 
quite worked, not at least all of them.  I ended up digging out my old 
serial mouse I had to replace the burnt out IR transmitters in a couple 
years ago and chasing 5.25" Windows 3.1 installation disks so as to move 
the mouse to COM2 (COM1 has been since consumed for the serial console 
used to control the system remotely when it runs Linux, its usual 

 Anyway I managed to get Data on Demand apps going, both the DOS one, and 
also the Windows 3.1 one.  The latter is important as it allows one print 
individual document pages to PostScript, which can then then be further 
processed for something more useful.

 Unfortunately the bad news is neither document has been included in the 
set.  I did a little research and I suspect 297372 was one of the paid 
books; ISTR that was usually the case with documents Intel referred to as 
"manuals" rather than "databooks", "datasheets", "application notes" or 
"specification updates".  Paid books were naturally not included with 
documentation available free of charge.  The 1995 Flash Memory databook 
available online:


refers to 297372 as: "28F016SA User's Manual" or "28F016SA 16-Mbit 
FlashFile Memory User's Manual".  The part's corresponding datasheet is 
290489 and I have revs 3, 4, 5 available if that would help.

 I could yet check old printed Intel literature guides for any price 
quoted for the two documents to confirm or deny my suspicion, however just 
as the Intel Developers' Insight CD-ROMs I have them elsewhere.

 Now the FLASHBuilder is a software package, so it may yet be there on the 
Insight CD-ROMs, but it'll have to wait until I get at them unless someone 
else chimes in.

 Sorry to help so little if at all.


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