DEC PDP-8/E wanted - still looking

ED SHARPE couryhouse at
Thu Nov 26 22:53:47 CST 2020

at smecc we have an extra  first model classic-8    in a  rack  the  blue  one  that  a  white  desk  section can mount to     not the Plexiglas surrounds   do not  know what it  would  take  to plexi one  but this is in a  rack.  downside? it is at the back of  a warehouse  so it  would  not  be  fast unless  enough  extra  money  was  there   for a  work  crew  to  unload... extract  and  reload. cost??  to  be  determined   but  a  full   hp series  III  3000  could  be  part  of  the  fee!ed sharpe   smeccIn a message dated 11/25/2020 11:02:16 PM US Mountain Standard Time, cctalk at writes: 
Tom Uban fully built "Spare Time Gizmos" SBC6120 based computer completewith front-panel and IO board is on its way to me.  :-) I am still looking to buy one of the following PDP-8 models: PDP-8/FPDP-8/EPDP-8/LPDP-8/IPDP-8/M Dave, Chris, Paul and Robert I am looking forward to getting more detailsfrom you. I am happy to pay a reasonable price for the right PDP-8, so a seller won'tbe disappointed. Thanks and best regardsTom Hunter

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