NEC NEAX IVS2 PBX with NEAXMAIL AD-8 - hard drive clone issues

Jon Elson elson at
Thu Nov 26 19:29:33 CST 2020

On 11/26/2020 05:46 PM, keith--- via cctalk wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Not a classic computer but has a 386 embedded in it for 
> the voice mail. I rescued it from work.  We had it rung 
> for 20 years straight.  The
> voice mail (AD-8) is basically a 386 running MS-DOS 6.22.  
> So my concern
> is the hard drive.  It is the original 2.5 inch IDE IBM 
> Travelstar 6 GB
> drive.  It has bee running for 20 years except for a 
> handful of extended
> power outages.  Hence while it is working now,  I don't 
> have too much
> hope for the future.
I just faced this with a pick and place machine running 
Windows 95, on a 20 year-old IDE hard drive.
Almost the first thing I did was get a dual-type USB drive 
dock and suck the entire drive image off with Linux and a dd 
command.  Then, I cloned the drive to one of the special IDE 
drives that has a "32 GB clip" jumper option.  This option 
makes the drive look like a 32 GB drive, although it has an 
actual 80 GB capacity.  It is a white label model 
WL80PATA872.  I'm not sure if this system actually needs the 
32 GB clip feature, but some old OS'es do.

The drive dock is a "ALL IN 1 HDD Docking"  which has both 
SATA and PATA connectors.  It also has slots for SD cards 
and a few other types.  It cost $23 delivered.


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