LCD screen repair

Joshua Rice rice43 at
Mon Nov 23 03:11:05 CST 2020

You'll have a better idea than me, but it looked like the underlying 
glass in the LCD panel was cracked, though that might have been dust 
If it's just the overlying plastic coating that's scuffed, it's possible 
to replace it, but quite tricky. I'm not overly familiar with the panel 
in question, but often there's several layers of plastic. One is likely 
a matte effect coating, and the one underneath is probably the polariser 
sheet. If it's the polariser that's gone (you can tell, because the 
damaged area where the polariser has gone won't have any colour, will be 
solid white), you'll need to very carefully replace that (in the right 
orientation!) without causing air bubbles or other artefacts in the 
If it's just the matte coating, just remove it, again very carefully.

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